Diary of a win-deprived Blues fan

287300-5cbe5444-f6ed-11e3-8ea9-a081f3513119By Jack Brady

Nothing could wipe the smile off my face.

Sitting there with 80,000 others in ANZ Stadium watching Trent Hodkinson cross for the one and only try in the match I just couldn’t help myself.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t prevent myself celebrating the Blues success – notepad and pen in hand.

I looked to the left of me and watched the famous Blatchy’s Blues go deservingly crazy.

I watch grown men and women go bezerk and children not quite grasp the seriousness of what exactly was happening.

At this point in time everyone bled blue.

Mere minutes later,  Jarryd Hayne breaks down in tears, Beau Scott jumps into the crowd and Paul Gallen lifts both fists in the air and gives a glorious running hug to Laurie Daley.

The momentous occasion had become apparent. The win and series had been secured.

Victory thy name is New South Wales.

Yet who would have thought it would be Hodkinson that would win the series for the Blues?

I mean, I couldn’t even pronounce his name properly a month ago yet now he has etched his name in my heart forever.

Growing up in an era where Andrew Johns, Brad Fittler, Trent Barrett and Craig Gower reigned supreme who could’ve imagined that a man who was kept out of the Bulldogs run to the grand final two years ago (because of Kris Keating of all people) would win us the series?

Going through high school and university with zero Blues wins to boast about was bad enough especially with bandwagon Queensland supporters constantly reminding you about it every step of the way.

Just think if Mitchell Pearce decided to stay at home on that ill-fated night then who knows where we might be right now.

We might feel bad about the situation but happiness soon consumes us when we realise that victory is finally ours!

While a hint of sadness dawns on me that my beloved Newcastle Knights have won the same amount of games as the Blues this season, I’m happy to take any win I can get my hands on.

At the end of the day social media doesn’t know what has hit it and who can blame us?

It’s been a long, long time coming.

With a hint of irony and a major sense of relief we can finally boast as tongue-in-cheek as it may be – #oneinarow.

Go the Blues!