The Fa’aoso Factor

Richie Fa'aoso

By Jack Brady 

It’s a Sunday afternoon. We’re at Newcastle’s Ausgrid Stadium. After twenty minutes of game time, the call comes down from the coach’s box for the big Tongan on the bench to start warming up. The 100kg behemoth stands up and starts pacing the sideline, readying himself to launch into the action on the field.

In seasons past, this man was Richie Fa’aoso.  However, this season, Fa’aoso only did this eight times for the Newcastle Knights.

The Knights apparent saviour coach Wayne Bennett, generally preferring another Tongan behemoth Willie Mason over the man in question in 2012.

While I am not bagging out Willie Mason, because let’s face it he was more than impressive this season for the Knights, it must be said that the club made a very questionable decision by releasing Fa’aoso.

Regardless, Fa’aoso, in a series of fortunate events for the man, is lining up to play in the NRL Grand Final this week for the Melbourne Storm.

Signed mid-season by the Storm, Fa’aoso managed just five games this season for the club. Yet with the season-ending injury to Storm stalwart Jason Ryles, Fa’aoso will find himself in the No. 17 come this Sunday.

Tongan Behemoth: Fa’aoso

In what could be called a blessing in disguise, Fa’aoso’s 99-game career for the Knights has seemingly come to an end at the right time. While many Knights fan questioned Bennett for not wanting crowd favourite Fa’aoso, I’m sure many will be cheering the charging Tongan whenever he graces the field on Sunday.

I know I will be. And who knows, the behemoth Tongan pacing the sideline after twenty minutes or so could be the game breaker that Melbourne needs to win the 2012 NRL Grand Final.


Why the Armageddon Six Man Hell in a Cell should NEVER occur again

By Jack Brady

Rewind twelve years. December 10th, 2000. Armageddon. There took place one of most entertaining Hell in a Cell’s of all time, the first (and thus far only) six-man Hell in a Cell match. It pitted WWF Champion Kurt Angle against The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Rikishi and Triple H.

There it was seen, one of the most hellacious matches in WWF/E history. We saw every man bleed. We saw Austin go through a car window, Rikishi get chokeslammed off the top of the Cell and Triple H get slingshotted into a car. It was half an hour of pure entertainment and unforgettable spots and at the end of the day we saw Kurt Angle retain his title.

In saying that, it should never happen again.

The WWF in 2000 was jam-packed full of wrestling stars. This match was a way that the world could see all of them pitted against one another at the one time. A time before the Elimination Chamber was introduced. Each of these men will be hall of famers of the company at some point in time. Steve Austin is already so.

To Hell and Back: Kurt Angle Retains the WWF Championship

This feat of a six-men Hell in a Cell should never occur again let alone be suggested to be the answer to the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV that will be taking place on October 28th.  With John Cena seemingly out with an elbow injury past the upcoming PPV, there are rumours going around that they the company will counteract his absence with the second-ever six-man Hell in a Cell.

With the way that this past week’s RAW went down, this suggested match would more than likely see WWE Champion CM Punk take on Kofi Kingston, The Miz, R-Truth, Ryback and Alberto Del Rio.

It doesn’t even compare to the match that took place in 2000. The disparity between those in 2000 and those in today’s WWE is immense. Between Kurt Angle and co. they have won thirty-eight world championships and eighty championships overall in the company.

Fast-forward to the suggested 2012 version and only Punk, Miz and Del Rio have won world championships, only a mere eight times between them. Overall, these six current wrestlers have won only thirty-one belts. To even suggest these men try and replicate what those six legends of wrestling produced in 2000 is ridiculous. I mean, Ryback hasn’t even won a title in the company yet.

If the WWE were to reintroduce the six-man Hell in a Cell later next month, it would well and truly tarnish what Angle, Austin, Rikishi, Rock, Taker and H did in 2000. It was one of the greatest matches in WWF/E history due to its innovative originality.

It shouldn’t happen ever again.

Sheens Shafted

By Jack Brady

Tim Sheen has been at the Wests Tigers since 2003. A whole decade ago it was when Sheens was handed the keys to the Tigers castle and to be frank he hasn’t really done a whole lot with them. Yeah sure, he has unearthed some of the greatest ever players to don the orange jersey in Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah and he won the 2005 premiership with the club, but apart from that, the Tigers have pretty much struggled their way through the last ten years of football.

Don’t believe me? Please read on.

Since Tim Sheens has been the Wests Tigers coach he has only made the top eight three times (2005, 2010 and 2011). He has finished ninth three times (2004, 2007 and 2009), tenth twice (2008 and 2012), 11th in 2006 and 13th in 2003. Not greatly impressive whatsoever is it?

In saying this, while I do agree that the club needed a change in coach. The way the Tigers have handled themselves in doing so has been tremendously poor especially to a coach who has and will continue to leave a lasting legacy on our great game of Rugby League.

Regardless of his average record at the Tigers, Sheens is a man who has coached almost 600 games at the top level. A man who has coached Canberra to three premierships, City and NSW to series wins and who is now the current Australian coach. Sheens was also a more than reasonable player during the 70’s for Penrith.

The Wests Tigers management definitely could’ve handled this situation better.

You just knew shit was about to hit the fan when Beau Ryan and Chris Heighington signed with Cronulla last week, and while the Tigers have offered him another position at the club, this was only so they didn’t have to pay him out the $900,000 he would’ve been owned.

When Tigers Chairman David Trodden announced that Sheens was not going to be coaching the club in 2013 it was quite obvious to see that the man was lying through his teeth when asked as to whether they had offered him another job so they didn’t have to pay him out.

Whether Sheens remains with the club is yet to be seen. All that can be said though is the club should’ve gone through this process a lot smoother and with more respect that has been failed to be sustained to this past week.

We at the “Brady Foray!” would like to wish Mr. Sheens good luck for the future.