Socially Advanced: WWE’s tilt on social media is paying dividends

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Instagram: the WWE uses them all.

Each are forms of social media and there is no arguing that the WWE is ahead of its time with each form of social medium, in comparison to other global companies anyways.

However, the company’s use of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for example, is bordering brilliance albeit it is also borders down the lines of annoying.

Those that socialize with the company and its ‘superstars’ are branded as the ‘WWE Universe’ whilst every platform of social media used by the WWE is bonded together by a program labelled WWE InterAction located on the company’s website.

Brilliant, right? This is where the annoying part comes in.

Those at the WWE know that they are global social media leaders, so much so, that they never stop talking about it! Each and every week, on Raw and Smackdown, Twitter and Facebook is mentioned by the commentators, the wrestlers and even in title cards between advertisement breaks, constantly.

Their strategy is palpable and successful, given that there is process that allows for the shows to be more interactive and influence casual fans to tune in on a more frequent basis.

Quite frankly, this is the beginning of the WWE’s social media era and while it may be annoying, it is working and paying massive dividends for the company.

Collectively, between the WWE’s talent accounts, they have over 20 million Twitter followers and 60 million Facebook likes.

Even during WrestleMania 28 in April, over 110 individual terms trended on Twitter during the night whilst the Wrestlemania Twitter hashtag was ‘tweeted’ over 600,000 times: potentially reaching over 130 million people.

The WWE has also utilized Youtube successfully in recent months to broadcast pre-shows for their pay-per-view’s (PPV) free of charge, on their Youtube channel. In these ‘pre-show’s’ they offer tasters, through matches, commentary and usually an announcement about the upcoming PPV.

Essentially it is the WWE’s final effort to entice its global audience to buy the PPV thus ultimately affecting the company’s global audience into surrendering their money to the product, all due to the influence of the Youtube ‘pre-show’, and in that, social media.

Anyone who dismisses WWE’s social media success since the fact that it is only due to it wrestling are completely missing the point.

In the end, the WWE is a global media company that is incorporating various components into its global media environment with the thought of social congeniality in mind.

The WWE is developing as technology and society develops as the company adapts new forms of interaction down through to its global audience.

Thus with the introduction of Tout it has allowed the WWE Universe to send to and respond to the “Touts” (small 15 second video messages) uploaded by the companies wrestlers, creating another way that the WWE Universe can interact with their favourite wrestler.

The WWE in this way has created a tool that can only be a positive smudge on the company’s social media ideals and an efficient way for the WWE to continue with the rumoured belief that the new Raw and Smackdown General Manager’s will be the WWE Universe themselves.

Social media is the core of WWE’s success and it is working, beyond belief.


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