Monk and D’arcy are guilty of what exactly?

By Jack Brady

With the Australian Olympic Swimming team leaving for the London Olympics yesterday, many are still confused with the ‘controversy’ that the team has been embroiled in with after the supposed haphazard actions of Nick D’arcy and Kenrick Monk.

Monk and D’arcy were reprimanded after Monk uploaded a picture on Facebook of himself and D’arcy posing with firearms three weeks ago. After practically being forced into a ‘self-imposed’ social media ban, Monk and D’arcy will now be sent home immediately after their events are finished at the Olympics, but why?

They posed with guns, in a gun store, in a country where one has the legal right to bear a firearm: how is that punishable?

Eamon Sullivan, a fellow Australian Olympic swimmer came out a few days after the photo was published on Facebook and scrutinized by multiple media outlets around Australia and said simply, “They haven’t done anything wrong.”

Many agree wholeheartedly with Sullivan, I myself tend to agree. I think Swimming Australia are using this situation as a square up for the grief both men have caused the organisation in the past.

Sullivan also established the hypocrisy of Swimming Australia’s punishment as he noted how the organisation took the team to a shooting range in Canberra for a bonding session in lead up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

In all honesty, while this situation is stupid and should not have garnered the coverage it received, Monk and D’arcy are both dickheads, I’m not a fan of either of them.

D’arcy of course is the man who was convicted of bashing fellow swimmer Simon Cowley before declaring himself bankrupt to avoid paying Cowley damages whilst Monk made a statement to police accusing an imagery driver of an elbow injury after he was supposedly a victim of a hit and run, when instead it was just him falling off his skateboard.

Regardless of their past indiscretions, the punishment of not being able to experience London or in that Europe after the Olympics is harsh, particularly for something that shouldn’t have been punished to begin with.

I mean in the end, they’re just holding legal guns and shooting is an Olympic sport. Shooters don’t get punished for swimming, should it not work both ways?


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