Troubled Tomic shows true colours

By Jack Brady

Australian tennis pin-up boy one week, typical spoilt brat the next.

It seems that every January when the Australian Open is played Bernard Tomic is simply praised by countless media outlets for, well, playing tennis.

But as the tournament dwindles down to nothingness for another year and a winner is crowned, Bernard Tomic becomes just another tennis player.

Tomic, the 19 year old ‘whiz-kid’, has had his fair share of controversies over his career on and off the court.

However, on Australia Day, Tomic went too far.

Being the obnoxious brat he is, Tomic was not once but twice booked within two hours for driving his $150,000 car. One not to be driven under the restrictions of his P-plated license.

Although he has special permission to drive the car to and from training, Tomic refused to pull over after the second ticket, ignoring the blazing police sirens before locking himself in his house.

Tomic isn’t a smart boy.

“I was on a visit doing my stuff and enjoying my day and I had my things all planned and someone doesn’t like that and wants to stop that,” he said.

Officers claim Tomic was instead hooning around the restaurant precinct of the Gold Coast.

Tomic’s father John, who had an angry confrontation with officers in his driveway, even accused the police of acting in an “unAustralian” manner.

Happy Australia Day Bernard, have fun in the courtroom you brat.